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Your Medical and Patient Advocate in North Carolina

Our mission is to assist clients/patients and their families obtain the best possible
​medical care and navigate through our complicated health care system.

Using my extensive medical education and experience, I am able to successfully guide someone thru our complicated, inadequate healthcare system in order to obtain the best available care.
Accompanying someone to provider visits allows me to not only ask pertinent questions but to create documentation of that visit for later recall as well as creating an environment in which the patient’s voice is heard; being able to frame explanations in understandable language is very beneficial in helping patients participate in their care and alleviate their fears.
Insurance claims and benefit statements can be extremely frustrating to understand but not for me ! Understanding radiology and laboratory results can be impossible for those not versed in medical terminology but not for me !
Finding a specialist or someone to provide a second opinion can be vital but confusing. Explaining your recent medical visit to a concerned family member can be difficult to do. Keeping track of medication changes can be challenging. Being admitted to the hospital can be frightening.
I can help with all of these. Please contact me on behalf of yourself or a loved one to see if it would be beneficial for us to work together.
Thank you for taking the time to read about the importance of having a patient advocate.
Dr. Sheila Spivey Hume