Dr. Sheila Spivey Hume – Professional Health & Patient Advocate

Meet Dr. Sheila Spivey Hume – Patient Advocate

Dr. Sheila Spivey Hume’s career within the healthcare field has spanned many avenues.

Sheila began as a science researcher at National Institutes of Health and traversed through a period of being a physician’s assistant in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary, Rheumatology, and multiple surgical fields.  She ultimately became a practicing Podiatric Physician/Surgeon in Maryland. Dr. Hume’s career came to an untimely ending in 2002 when she experienced a disabling injury to her wrist and back, dictating termination of the practice.

After returning to her family farm in Sunbury, NC for a period of recuperation, Sheila became a Clinical Examiner for patients involved in clinical research trials. Dr. Hume later became employed at the local hospital in a role that examined inpatient medical records for accuracy of diagnoses.

During this time, Sheila began helping family and friends who were having difficulties navigating their own healthcare experiences and a new career path was formed as Dr. Hume was able to use her medical education and experience.  Ensuring patients voices were heard became her new mission.

It was at this point that Dr. Hume made the decision to open a private, patient advocate practice and thus moved to Wilmington, NC.  She finds that  helping patients and families understand and participate in their health care decisions to be very gratifying.

Dr. Hume loves the opportunity to help!

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