Patient Advocate Services | Medical Advocate Services

Services listed are available but not limited to:

  • Accompanying Client/Patient to all medical provider visits.
    ​(example: office visits, lab and radiology testing, outpatient surgery, inpatient admission)
  • Speaking with providers at all visits, to include pertinent questions.
  • Permission can be given by Client/Patient to be contacted by providers.
    This information will be relayed to Client/Patient in layman’s terms.
  • Extensive documentation of all encounters with medical providers.
    (Copies provided to Client/Patient or other designated person)
  • Coordinate care to the extent requested.
    (example: tracking and scheduling of appointments)
  • Research additional, potential treatment options, second opinions, and referrals to specialists.
    (Information concerning these possible options will be documented and presented to Client/Patient)
  • Keeping family and/or friends updated with Client/Patient’s permission.
    A signed permission form designating family/friend is required.
  • Assistance and/or review of questionable insurance claims.
    (example: Assistance with allowable appeals as necessary)
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All Services are Tailored to each Client/Patient
​to the Extent Requested